All of a sudden I just wanted to …


Other women of my age might have started watercolor painting or taken up a handicraft, but I wanted to learn to ride. Just to ride. This passion grabbed me right from the very start and I soon had my own horse  - a wonderful Welsh Cob gelding called Jac-y-Do - and I still have the pleasure of his company.

But  – with four children I soon had to find a pony for them to ride.... And then with four children and only two horses I added a cart horse, so that we could all go out together as a family. 

That's how the foundations were laid!


I discovered my love of horseback trail riding early on in my "career in the saddle" - first of all I rode along with groups, and soon I was leading the groups myself.

There's probably nothing I enjoy more than packing my saddlebags and heading off for a couple of days on horseback to "get back to nature" - travelling in the rhythm of the horses.


In my private, or professional life I am a translator and interpreter.

I was born and raised in Scotland and started to learn German at school. After studying German at Glasgow University I moved to Germany in 1993, and have now moved to Alsace to be with my husband.

In the little free time I have left I play viola in an orchestra and string quartet, and fiddle in various folk and blues bands.