Bienvenue, salüt bijsamme, welcome to Alsace - one of the most beautiful regions in France.


I hope you enjoy my Web site - I would love welcome you to Alsace to spend some time with me and my horses and so that we can share my passion for horseback trail riding. "Alice en selle" means "Alice in the saddle", and that's a place where I just love to be. I am sure that you will really enjoy spending some time in the saddle with me.


I'm passionate about trail riding - and I've been lucky enough to enjoy it in several countries. My longest trail ride to date was from the Middle Rhine Valley in Germany to Alsace in France - an unforgettable experience!


So what are you looking for? A day's ride through the wonderful Alsatian countryside with a delicious lunch in a French restaurant? A short riding holiday in Alsace with  a three-day trail in the North Vosges with its magificent scenery, sprinkled with castles, chapel ruins and red sandstone cliffs? A multi-day center-based riding holiday in a my charming bed and breakfast? A few days riding in the Southern Vosges Mountains? A multi-day trail ride with an accompanying vehicle to transport our luggage? Or even a customised riding holiday in Alsace? There's something for everyone.



I have horses to fit all riders. I have to confess that I have a certain weakness for Irish Cobs - there are eleven of them in my herd now. Lynda is the smallest coming in at just over 12 hands, and Paddy is the largest at around 16 hands. I also have three lovely Irish Draughts, and a couple of other breeds (Standard Bred, Arabian Barbe, Haflinger). My horses live in an open stable or in the field all year long and adapt very easily to new surroundings when we are out on trail. They all have years of experience as train horses and make riding in Alsace a real pleasure!


I'm looking forward to seeing you in the saddle!


Alice Schwitzgebel